Beyond the Game (and the ’56 Angels)

BtG-John and Gaylon
John Vorperian interviewing Gaylon H. White on Beyond the Game.

Fielding questions from a prosecutor is something you want to avoid. But if it’s John Vorperian, a prosecutor in White Plains, New York, and the subject is baseball, it’s a totally different story.

Vorperian is host and executive producer of “Beyond the Game,” a sports talk show he has anchored on White Plains Cable Television since 2002, interviewing an all-star lineup of authors and athletes. “In a medium populated by people who are American idols one day and forgotten the next, Mr. Vorperian has been as durable and dependable as Cal Ripken, baseball’s ironman, who played in 2,632 consecutive games,” the New York Times reported in a 2007 story.

On March 13, 2014, Vorperian interviewed Gaylon H. White, author of The Bilko Athletic Club, a newly-released Rowman and Littlefield book about the 1956 Los Angeles Angels. Vorperian deftly guides White through a series of photographs from the book to take viewers beyond the game, the team and the ‘56 season.

A video of the 30-minute show can be seen on YouTube by clicking on the following link:


The book features a delightful foreword by John Schulian, former sports columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times and Philadelphia Daily News and longtime contributor to Sports Illustrated and GQ.

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